UDD to Democrat Party- “Let the Courts Establish the Truth”

At the weekly press conference on Friday, the UDD leadership responded to allegations made by the Democrat Party during its ‘men in black’ misinformation rally last Saturday.

UDD chairwoman Tida especially challenged Abhisit’s statement  rally that no lives would have been lost had it not been for the ‘men in black’,

The ‘men in black’ continue to star in the Democrat Party’s fantasy story in which 60,000 heavily armed troops in central Bangkok had little to do with the escalation in violence that killed 99 people. We must let the courts establish the truth.

Tida referred to the recent court ruling which established that the military was responsible for the death of taxi driver Pan Kamgong. The courts are currently handling 20 of the 99 deaths that were attributed to the April-May crackdown of 2010.

In order to facilitate the ongoing investigations, the UDD also matched the one million Baht reward offered by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) for information on the deaths of Maj Gen Khattiya Sawasdipol (aka Seh Daeng), Col Romklao Thuwatham, as well as the murders of foreign journalists Hiroyuki Muramoto and Fabio Polenghi, among others. 

UDD leader Sonwang Assarasi said,

We are completely committed to exposing the truth. Abhisit and the military insist that it was the ‘men in black’ who are responsible for these deaths, yet 60,000 troops failed to arrest a single one of them. Instead, they locked away peaceful protesters.

Additionally, Dr Weng criticized the group of appointed senators who are currently appealing for a Constitutional Court ruling on the legality of the government’s rice-pledging program. The Court has already refused a similar petition from academics at the National Institute for Development Administration (NIDA). Dr Weng argued that such calls for judicial interference in legislative matters only serve to undermine the democracy.

He explained,

If the Constitutional Court sets this precedent, whereby it becomes the de facto supreme legislator, we run the risk of creating our very own Politburo here in Thailand. The government should be responding to the needs of the Thai people. That’s democracy.


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  1. Roy Anderson

    If the 60,00 troops surrounding the area and with vantage points in tall buildings and bridges cannot see the men in black, then the responsibility falls on the supreme commander who should discipline all officers who actually turned a blind eye. How many more times will these mysterious men appear to murder peaceful demonstrators? Thai history is full of these mystery men working for the establishment..

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