‘Men In Black’ a Running Joke at DSI – Dutch Journalist

Maas points to where he was shot in May 2010

On Monday, Dutch journalist Michel Maas visited the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) to submit into evidence the M16 bullet that struck him in the back on the 19th of May 2010. While at the DSI, Maas inquired as to the status of the investigation on the ‘men in black’ or ‘black shirts’,

They started laughing. It seems to be a running joke around [there]. They did show me a picture taken from TV footage of a man in a black t-shirt running around with a M16. The problem is that the man was running with the military. Of course, the military denies all these allegations… Judging by the photo evidence I’ve seen, it appears to point to them.

Maas was in Bangkok a few weeks ago to show DSI investigators the spot where he was shot in May 2010 and submit a second testimony, after his first statement had somehow been ‘misplaced.’ Nevertheless, he remains hopeful that his statements will be of value,

I gave them all the evidence I have…There is no way anyone can deny that I was shot and that that was the

bullet that hit me. They’re pretty certain it’s an M16, so there’s a big chance that this will all point to the military.

M16 bullet submitted to DSI on Monday

Maas is on the witness list for the case of Italian photojournalist Fabio Polenghi who was shot and killed moments before Maas was struck in the same area. A trial date has yet to be established.

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