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UDD Calls on Red Shirts to Steer Clear of Pitak Siam » Red Shirts

UDD Calls on Red Shirts to Steer Clear of Pitak Siam

At the press conference earlier today, the UDD leadership reaffirmed that Red Shirts should stay away from Saturday’s rally by the anti-democratic organisation Pitak Siam, and pay close attention to UDD leaders Tida, Jatuporn, and Nattawut who could call on Red Shirts to gather if the situation deteriorates completely. 

In a press release issued today, the UDD states that the Pitak Siam rally is fundamentally anti-democratic, as it wants to overthrow the government that the majority of the Thai people voted into power through the democratic process.

Tida said,

By suggesting the “freezing” of Thailand, General Boonlert and Pitak Siam are suggesting to overthrow democracy.

The UDD quoted two recent ABAC polls carried out earlier this year, one from October which showed that 94% of people in Thailand want the government to remain in power, and one from November which showed that 94% of people in Bangkok disagree with the Pitak Siam rally.

The press release also states that Pitak Siam is supported and funded by a network of elites that oppose the democratically elected government. The network consists of elites within certain government agencies, the military, and the business community. Furthermore, it states that the Pitak Siam movement is an extension of efforts that have been ongoing since 2005 with the aim of ridding Thailand of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra and his network.

The UDD calls on all Thai people to denounce threats to their democracy.

Pitak Siam is attempting to incite chaos and conflict in order to oust a democratically elected government. It is illegal and unconstitutional… We hope that people in this country oppose this unjustified rally and condemn any violence that is instigated by Pitak Siam.

The leadership emphasised that Red Shirts must stay away from the rally and avoid any situation that could lead to riots or violence. Instead, Red Shirts should all unite behind the government and, should there be a coup d’état, it should be protested peacefully.

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