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Government Must Act on ICC, Constitution, and Amnesty- UDD » Red Shirts

Government Must Act on ICC, Constitution, and Amnesty- UDD

On Friday, UDD leaders called on the government to move on 3 burning issues that would strengthen democracy and reconciliation in Thailand: International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction, amending the constitution, and granting amnesty to political prisoners, excluding leaders.

Red Shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan argued that the government is still under threat from anti-democratic forces and must act immediately on granting the ICC jurisdiction over the military crackdown of spring 2010.

He said,

The amaat network is still very much intact and the threat of a coup is still very real. The ICC would act as safeguard, not only for the government, but for the people who would protest a coup in any form.

He added that, if the government failed to act on the ICC, then it would end up in the ICU (intensive care unit).

Dr Weng also urged Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul to issue a 12(3) declaration that would grant the ICC ad hoc jurisdiction into the events of 2010,

Those who fear the ICC argue that it is very difficult to achieve when it is really quite easy. Surapong simply has to send a signed declaration to ICC.

The UDD leadership also called on the government to move forward with the amendment of the constitution. This is poised to happen when the next parliamentary session begins on December 21st.

Jatuporn stated,

The Pheu Thai must fight bravely for a change to the Constitution or else Thailand’s political system will not improve. The people suffer the most from the current system.

Finally, the government should also grant amnesty to Thailand’s political prisoners, regardless of their political allegiances, with the exception of movement leaders who should be the ones held responsible for any wrongdoing. UDD leaders argued that, historically, the people have born the brunt of Thailand’s political struggle, either by incarceration or death, and that this trend must come to a decisive end.

Chairwoman Tida also thanked Red Shirts for their restraint and discipline last weekend during the Pitak Siam rally that imploded after appeals to the military for assistance were ignored. She said that the Red Shirts showed their quality in their mature handling of the situation. Tida warned that the fight is far from over and that the Red Shirts must continue to grow as an organization if democracy is to be protected.

The UDD will open political schools throughout the country in the month of December.

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