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Red Shirt MP Korkaew has bail revoked, Heavy Restrictions for Other 4 » Red Shirts

Red Shirt MP Korkaew has bail revoked, Heavy Restrictions for Other 4

On Friday afternoon, a Criminal Court in Bangkok revoked the bail of Red Shirt MP Korkaew Pikulthong. Along with 23 other Red Shirts, Korkaew is set to stand trial next month for “terrorism” charges. His bail was revoked due to a violation of his original bail conditions that occurred during a speech he made outside of the Parliament building earlier this summer.

Korkaew has been taken to Laksi Prison and is likely to remain there until the 21st of December, when the parliamentary session resumes. The judge upheld the bail of four other Red Shirt MPs, including Dr Weng, Karun, Nattawut and Wophuthalaeng, but under restrictive terms. They are no longer allowed to speak on stage or travel overseas.

Commenting on the Court’s decision, Dr Weng said,

I am sorry for my friend Korkaew, but I respect the court’s decision. I ask Red Shirts to please stay calm.

The Red Shirt MPs are among the 24 Red Shirts who face “terrorism” charges for alleged conduct during the events of April-May 2010. All 24 were released on bail after hearing their charges, with the exception of Thaksin Shinawatra who lives in exile abroad. The trial was set to begin on Thursday 29th of November, but was postponed until the 13th of December.

UDD chairperson Tida stated,

This is the reality that Red Shirts face, we must stay calm and keep the broader struggle in mind.

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