UDD submits letter to Constitutional Court, announces plans to observe Bangkok governor election

Yesterday the UDD submitted a letter to the Constitutional Court, with the intention of clarifying issues surrounding the government’s current attempts to amend the constitution.

In a Constitutional ruling in July 2012, in which the Court ruled that amending the constitution does not pose a threat to the monarchy, the Court also suggested that the government hold a referendum regarding the amendments. This suggestion, which was separate from the ruling, has been a tense point for the Pheu Thai government, and has led it to consider holding a referendum before the third reading of the constitutional amendments. However, UDD co-leaders have urged the government to hold a reading of the constitution in Parliament instead.

In the letter from the UDD, the following questions were posed to the Court:

1. Does the suggestion from the Court that the government hold a referendum regarding constitutional amendments constitute advice or an order? What law or article of the Constitution was consulted by the Court in this decision?

2. Does the Court disagree with a parliamentary vote on the Constitutional amendments? If so, what law or article of the Constitution was consulted by the Court in this decision?

The UDD also announced plans to observe the governor election that will be held in Bangkok in March. UDD co-leader Tida said the Red Shirts are not concerned with the outcome of the election, rather they want to ensure that the elections are fair and transparent.

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  1. JohnQPublic

    You could do Thailand and the world a great public service by publishing English translations of all the CC judges’ opinion in the charter amend case. They are nowhere to be found. Then let the world judge what the court has ruled. Right now, that court case has become the elephant whose anatomical parts too many Thais feel free to selectively grasp like blind men to support their own agenda.

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