United for Amnesty

At the press conference on Wednesday, UDD co-leaders discussed the necessity of amnesty for political prisoners in Thailand and the UDD’s short-term plans.

Amnesty for political prisoners of all colours, with the exception of rally leaders, is currently the main priority for the UDD. The organization has submitted a Draft Amnesty Decree proposal to the government which could provide speedy amnesty to those who are suffering in prison due to charges stemming from the current political conflict.

Jatuporn Prompan exclaimed,

Our brothers and sisters have been stuck in Laksi prison for too long. We must not be selfish and prioritise our own success over their release.

The leaders explained that the powerful elites in Thailand are not happy about the possibility of an Amnesty Decree.

UDD leader Tida Tawornseth said,

The amnesty is imperative. We need to continue this struggle until there is genuine democracy in Thailand. We also need to grow stronger as a movement, although the elites would not like us to.

Tida outlined two short term goals that will strengthen the movement for democracy in Thailand. Firstly, the UDD will host more political schools all over the country, to spread the Red Shirts message and goals. Secondly, the UDD will train 10,000 Red Shirts to observe Bangkok’s upcoming governor elections.

She explained,

The Bangkok governor elections are where the amaat will use whatever means available to hold on to power. Red Shirts will make sure that the elections are transparent and that there is accountability from the authorities.

The UDD leaders also called for Red Shirt unity in the face of attempts to foster division within the movement.

Nisit said,

Currently there are attempts to undermine our movement, but we are bigger than any other political movement in Thailand, ever.

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