Democracy Update

During the UDD’s weekly press conference on Wednesday, co-leaders discussed the ongoing push for amnesty, efforts to observe the upcoming gubernatorial elections, and plans to expand political education initiatives across the country.

The UDD continues to push for the Amnesty Decree to be passed by the cabinet as an emergency resolution for political prisoners on both sides of the conflicts. Other groups have proposed alternative pathways for amnesty, such as Nitirat’s plan to add an amnesty chapter to the Constitution. While the UDD welcomes amnesty for political prisoners by any means possible, the co-leaders argue that an Amnesty Decree would offer the quickest solution.

UDD leader Tida Tawornseth said,

Soon the political prisoners will have been imprisoned for three years, that is far too long. This is a collective issue, we cannot wait much longer.

Dr Weng reaffirmed the UDD’s commitment to their friends behind bars,

The UDD has been helping political prisoners from the start, by visiting and providing lawyers and bail money. We must try our best to get them released.

The UDD leadership also discussed the ongoing training of Red Shirts who have volunteered to observe Bangkok’s gubernatorial election on March the 3rd. One of several training sessions has already been held in Bangkok, with the next coming up on Sunday in Thonburi. Representatives from the Election Commission have been invited to provide relevant information regarding the election procedures.

Tida said,

This is part of our ongoing struggle for democracy in Thailand. We must do our best to make sure that this is a clean election. We cannot tolerate any corruption.

In addition, the UDD laid out plans to increase the number of political education events in Thailand. Since the UDD started holding political schools for senior activists, the organisation has received requests from across the country to host the event.

Nisit Sinthuprai said,

We have seen strong progress in the activists who attended the political schools. Many of them have organised events in their local communities and conduct activities to help our cause.

The next political schools will take place on March 10th and March 16th, in Song Kla and Lampoon, respectively.

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