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Civil Court Decisions on 2010 Arson Attacks Vindicate Red Shirts

At the UDD’s weekly press conference on Wednesday, Red Shirt leaders applauded three recent civil court decisions which established that there was no solid evidence to prove that Red Shirt protesters were responsible for the arson attacks in the Ratchaprasong area on May 19th 2010.

The Bangkok Civil Court ordered Deves Insurance and Muang Thai Insurance to pay for damages caused by the arson attacks on Central World, the Zen department store, and the Siam theater that occurred after the Red Shirts called off their protest against the government of Abhisit Vejjajiva. The insurance companies had denied coverage on the basis that the Abhisit government had defined the arson attacks as acts of terrorism which fell outside of their policies.

The court rejected the notion that the fire constituted an act of terrorism or that Red Shirt leaders incited protesters to set fire to nearby property.


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UDD Congratulates Mr Sukhumband on election victory

UDD co-leaders congratulated Mr Sukhumband on a fair and clean victory in Bangkok’s gubernatorial elections on Sunday.

Dr Weng said,

We would like to congratulate Mr Sukhumband and welcome him again as the governor of Bangkok.

The UDD leadership welcomed the election as proof that good democratic practice is getting stronger in Bangkok.

Dr Weng added,

We want to thank Bangkokians for defying the rain and going out to vote. It is crucial for us to express this right because, in so doing, we strengthen democracy in Thailand.


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Red Shirt Grassroots Speak Out

Thai Red Shirts (TRS) traveled to the province of Nonthaburi to hear from grassroots Red Shirt activists. The following is a summary of a discussion with more than 50 Red Shirts on the past, present, and future of their political activism.

TRS: Why did you first get involved in the Red Shirt movement?

Something went terribly wrong in this country in 2006. The injustice that we have suffered since the coup d’état compelled us to mobilize and organize.

TRS: Who among you voted for Thaksin Shinawatra?

[Everybody raises their hands]

TRS: Why did you vote for him?

He implemented policies that had an extremely positive impact on our lives. The 30 baht health care scheme in particular greatly improved our quality of living, allowing many of us to get the medical care we could not afford previously. 

The Village Development Fund also helped us build our community’s economy and infrastructure. The money was managed locally and collectively. Many of us work in agriculture so a loan system was developed to help people develop their crops.

Most importantly, Thaksin gave us faith in the democratic process and proved that politicians could respond to the needs of voters.


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