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Bailed Red Shirt Prisoners to Fight for Innocence » Red Shirts

Bailed Red Shirt Prisoners to Fight for Innocence

20130419_134325On Friday April 19th, four Red Shirt prisoners were released from Laksi prison on bail as they appeal convictions for the arson attacks on the Udon Thani provincial hall that occurred on May 19th 2010.

The provincial court in Udon Thani agreed to release Arthit Saithong, Kittipong Chaikung, Daycha Komkhum, and Buarian Pangsa, after seven witnesses supported the bail requests. Despite facing severe sentences of up to 22 years, the four are committed to proving their innocence in the appeal process.

Mr Daycha Komkhum told Thai Red Shirts (TRS) that the justice system had failed him. He believes that Red Shirts have been used as scapegoats for the arson attacks. The recent acquittals of Red Shirts Saichon Paebua and Pinit Chanarong, accused of the arson attacks on Central World, support Daycha’s theory.

In his case, Daycha was arrested a month after the arson attacks on the basis of a picture which showed him carrying what he claims is a water bottle.

He said,

The scene was hectic and there was so much confusion. The police were desperate to make an arrest even if the evidence wasn’t there.

Red Shirt activists and UDD leader Tida Tawornseth welcomed the four prisoners as they were released from Laksi on Friday morning. They spent the rest of the day among friends at UDD headquarters. Despite the great support they received from Red Shirts in Bangkok, Daycha said he would spend his new found freedom with his wife and daughter in Udon Thani. 

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