80 Million Baht Bounty

thaksin10 million baht is a large sum of money that former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra have been waving around as a bounty for anyone who can provide evidence for the people who were responsible for the burning down of the Central World department store on 19 May 2010. Thaksin made the announcement for the bounty in front of 100,000 Red Shirts supporters at the three years anniversary event last Sunday (19/5/13) and less than 24 hours later; Thaksin again announced that the bounty will be increase to 10 million baht per culprit instead. This means that if your evidence can convicted five of criminal who burn down Central World, you will receive 50 million baht.

This announcement was made with a strong intention and it was rooted from sources which indicate that the burning down of the Central World department store was not a terrorist act and have nothing to do with the Red Shirts demonstration on May 19th 2010. The sources was the results of 5 different court cases including results from three civil court cases , one criminal court case and one juvenile court case. All courts agreed that the burning of Central World happened after the Red Shirts rally have been called off and they were no further demand from the demonstrators.

The latest news in the investigation of the burning down of Central World department store indicate that right now there are at least two confirm suspects that can be identified through photographs and CCTV recording. Leading investigators; Pol.Lt.Gen. Kumronwit Thoupgrajang and Pol.Maj.Gen. Anuchai Lekbumroong, remain confident of catching the suspects even though the crime have been committed three years ago due to the existing evidences and the reality that criminal always leaves some trail of bread crumbs.

Apart from the two confirmed suspects, there are at least six more unidentifiable assailants that was caught by the CCTV camera which mean that right now, there are 8 confirm culprits, which brings the total number of the bounty up to 80 million baht!

From Koa Sod’s column called “Thing Mud Koa Moom” by Sming-Sarm-Plud, translated on 26/5/13.

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