UDD Press Conference on June 26th 2013

red farmerAt the press conference on Wednesday June 26th 2013, Mr. Thanawut Wichaidit, spokesperson of the UDD, has commented on the bruised face of the government that was hit by its own right hook called the rice pledging scheme.

Mr. Thanawut expressed his concern for the farmers and praised them for voicing their grievances directly at the government. “They need to solve this problem for their own good, if they can fix it, they are sure to gain popularity” Mr. Thanawut said, referring to the government. “Farmers are honest and hard working people and when they are in trouble you need to listen to them. It is good that they came out to protest because it can force the government into initiating dialogues that can lead to the solution of the problem” the spokesperson of the UDD remarked.

Mrs. Tida Tavonseth, president of the UDD also added that “There are 20 millions farmers all over the country and most of them are our (Red Shirts) strongest support. This problem (rice pledging scheme) is not a political one, it is a management problem which effected farmers directly. Most farmers wanted the pledging scheme to continue under a new regulation because it is beneficial and none of them wanted the previous insurance programme of the Democrat Party. The problem is they are losing profit and they have the right to voice this concern”.

Mr. Thanawut also reminded Red Shirts supporters to stay away from the Guy Fawkes Mask protestors citing that they only wanted to crate political turmoil in the country.

“We need to solve problem through legislation and due process. There is no time to fight with these people who wanted nothing more than another coup d’état. All of these disruptions are hampering the government ability to solve the rice pledging scheme problem. Please think of the poor farmers who are currently suffering before allowing any kind of violence to happen. ” Mr. Thanawut stressed.

Regarding the Guy Fawkes protestors, Assoc. Prof. Tida suggested that “they here for the wrong reason. They are here to protest against Thaksin’s regime but there is no such thing. There are only the Am-mart regime and the democratic system.” She also added that “there are various groups behind this white mask group such as Suthep Thuksuban’s group, the People’s Alliance for Democracy, Sa-Lim and the Frozen Mob. All of them are the ground forces of the Am-mart regime”. She also urged the Red Shirts supporters to leave the violence behaviour for the masked group to concoct it within themselves.

On other issues, Assoc. Prof. Tida Tavonseth revealed that at the moment the UDD are under revision. There is going to be an overhaul within the organizations and big meetings are scheduled for the end of this month to figure out which way the Red Shirts movement will embark on. There will be no UDD rally at the moment due to the nature of the weather but several “UDD Democracy School” events in Bangkok will continue on the regular basis.

At the end of the press conference, Dr. Weng Tojilakarn provided the Red Shirt supporters with update on the case brought against former PM Abhisit Vejjachiva and his Deputy PM Suthep Thuksuban. He explained that right now the case was handed over to the Attorney General already and a court hearing is set to be scheduled on the 26th of August 2013.

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  1. Austerlig

    In my opinion, neither the previous rice pledging system(s) nor the present one will help to solve rice farmer’s problems in Thailand.
    The point is that production cost are too high and productivity is too low. Compared with other rice producing countries Thailand ranks e.g. in yield per hectare at the lowest level, in fertilizer used in the top rankings, man-hours spend in production in the upper categories, and so on. (Sources: various webpages on rice production.)

    Certainly have the present subsidies the side-effect that farmers have more money for consumption and this will stimulate the economy. But buying a new mobile or flat-screen won’t secure their future – next year they will face the same old problems.

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