UDD Submit Letter to the United Nations concerning Amnesty Bill

1172482_283212748484162_1708456440_oToday (19th August 2013) at 11:00 am, the United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), led by Assoc. Prof. TidaTawonseth, President of the UDD, along with other co-leaders including Dr. Weng, Prof. Jarun, Mr. Yotsawarit, Mr. Pongphichet, Mr. Glurgmontri and Mr. Phartsakorn was at the United Nations to summit a letter concerning the Amnesty Bill which is currently being discussed in the Parliament.

The contents of the letter can be summarized into two points;

1. To clarify to the international community of the real intention of this Amnesty Bill which is to grant pardon for “people of all colours shirts, except co-leaders who have commanding authority,” and most importantly, it does not grant immunity to any state authority. The UDD would like to recommend the UN to please revise its interpretation of the Amnesty Bill because the opposition might use this misunderstanding as a tool to instigate further conflict in Thailand.

2. The truth seeking process and the investigation into the death of civilians from April – May 2010 by the Truthfor Reconciliation Commission of Thailand (TRCT) is deeply flawed and unacceptable by the majority of the Thai people because the final report of the TRCT did not correspond to what actually happened in reality.

The UN representative agreed to meet with Mrs. Tida and has accepted the letter on behalf of the UN before the UDD co-leaders left the premises.

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