UDD Press Conference on 28th August 2013


At the United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) press conference on the 28th of August 2013, spokesperson of the UDD, Mr. Thanuwut Vichaidit, pointed out the opposition’s relentless ongoing assaults on the government in an effort to overthrown it from power. These attacks on PM Yingluck’s administration are responsible for the current unrest in Thailand. The prime examples of the attempts to dismantle the government by the Democrat Party include the blocking of the constitution amendments, and the initiation of disorders inside the parliament.

Another medium that the Democrats’ leaders have tried was to lead a large-scale street demonstrations to create chaos on the street, but since only a small number of people shows up and the soldiers did not get involved, their plan have failed accordingly.

Apart from the protests in the capital, Mr. Thanawut also shared the UDD concerns over the rubber price crisis in the South and the farmers that continued to hold out, with protests continuing in Nakhon Si Thammarat, for a week-long now. The UDD understands the grievances of the truly affected farmers and the need to come out and protest but warned them about opportunist and volatile demonstrators from the capital who have already gone down to the South to cause further unrest.

“Some of the “People’s Army against the Thaksin Regime” protestors in Lumpini (Bangkok) wanted nothing but bloodshed and chaos. A number of them are already in the South to instigate violence because they wanted to use the turmoil to discredit the government. Simply put it, they wanted nothing more than to develop a situation that is fit for a coup d’état,” said the spokesperson of the UDD.

“I would like to ask the farmers not to join in with the blockade of the streets in Nakhon Si Thammarat because the economy and the majority of the people in the South will be struck with a devastating blow by this action. What is interesting is that ninety percent of the people in South voted for the Democrats but now they are being threatened by a blockade that is most likely involved, if not, initiated by the Democrats Party themselves,” Mr. Thanawut added.

Assoc. Prof. Tida Tavonseth, President of the UDD, believe that the movement of the opposition is motivated by the will to;

1. Protect the 2007 constitution with their life.
2. Overthrow the government that came from the people’s election, especially the Prime Minister
3. Block the Amnesty Bill

“The reason why they want to keep the 2007 constitution and bar the Amnesty bill is because they afraid that Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra will benefits from it. Apart from this they are also desire to see the fall of the government and the Red Shirts. I want the UDD supporters to pay special attention to this point because the opposition understands that in order to keep the power away from the people; they have to destroy the Red Shirts,” Mrs. Tida said.

3923260160_12f1101bfaAnother UDD co-leader, Mr. Jatuporn Promphan also commented on the movement of the Democrat Party, “The opposition are trying to depose the government from the inside and from the outside of the parliament. In the past, when they were in power and have the majority vote they always told the people to have faith in the government but now when they are the minority they said that the government is the tyranny of majority. This led me to believe the Democrat Party is a party that completely lack of principle and standard.”

On the issue of political reforms, the president of the UDD wanted more representatives from the people sectors to participate in the government-initiated forum in order for the people to have more roles in finding solution for the country’s problems. Most of the participants in the forum that consist of 70 people comprise of only representatives from various political parties and luminaries.

“At present, there are attempts to create anarchy in this country. It is the elected government responsibility to generate confidence for the parliament system within the population but somehow the initiated political reforms forum only concentrated on the elites in the society. The reason why I was there is to represent the people, especially the Red Shirts supporters. I was not there as an individual, I was there as a representatives of all of us,” chairwomen of the UDD said.

“Political reforms that only consist of selected few and upper class is sure to fail because the structural elements of the reformation will solely focus on them. There are former party leaders, ex-president of the Senate, ex-speaker of the Parliament and other luminaries but there are not enough representatives from the people. This is not the first political reformation in this country. There are many before this but all of them were unsuccessful because the lack of participation from the people. This is why it is imperative for this process to involve the people from across the county,” said Mrs. Tida.

“It is impossible to reform one structure of the society without involving the other two. Political reforms without the reformations of the economy and society is sure to fail because they are interrelated. Economic foundation is the bases for politic, ideological concept, and our culture. If you are to reforms politics, you need to reforms the economy and the society all together,” she added.

IMG_8958Before the end of her speech, Mrs. Tida reminded the Red Shirts supporters that the “UDD co-leaders are not the owner of the Red Shirts because it belongs to the supporters. The co-leaders are the coordinators who carry out the will of the Red Shirts. What I want to say is; we have been there with you for a long time now. We went through bullets and prisons together and we would like nothing more but to say thank you for all your work and support for this country.”

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