Dr. Weng on 2006 Coup d’état

75661_20_3The following is a translated excerpt of Dr. Weng Tojilakarn, Pheu Thai MP and Red Shirts co-leader, comment on the seven year anniversary of the 2006 coup d’état that was published via his facebook page on 19 September 2013.

The coup d’état on 19th September 2006 was not a coincidence and it was not influenced by Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin (head of the coup’s makers) because as you may recall, when Maj. Gen. Sanan (Kachornprasart) frankly asked him, who was behind the coup? Gen. Sondhi said “I have no answer for that because there is something that cannot be said even in death.”

The coup of 2006 was staged by a group of Ammart (aristocrats) who wanted to take control of Thailand and transformed it into one of the biggest oligarchy country in the modern world.

After the successful coup, the Ammart began to destroy the democratic structure of Thailand by starting with the country’s supreme law which is the abolishment of the 1997 constitution and the reconstruction of the Ammart’s structure through the implementation of the 2007 constitution.

Article 113 of the constitution guarantees the protection for the coup makers’ action in the past, present and in the future but apart from that, it is completely useless. Why does it still exist?

A quarter of the senators were “planted” into the upper house for the sole purpose of hampering the work of politicians and high ranking bureaucrats who tries to democratize the country while protecting politicians and high ranking bureaucrats who are on their side.

The Ammart had set up independent organizations that they used as tools to protect the foundation and power structure of their regime while its secondary objective is to demolish Thailand’s democratic institutions. They also reshuffled the military power structure to make sure that it remains under their command.

According to the military and defence ministry regulations, there are seven members in its board of directors. Out of the seven, the Army, Navy, and Air force Commander in Chiefs and the Chiefs of Defence Forces are all under the control of the Ammart. Only two out of seven of its members came from the civilian sector which includes the Defence Minister and the Deputy of Defence. This clearly shows that the country’s defence forces truly belong to the Ammart at the time and the remnant of it continue to exist until now while most of the judicial powers in this country still belong to them. All of these extrajudicial powers under the Ammart regime are hidden beneath the outer layer of Thailand that appears to practice democratic values and uphold the constitution.

In the past 7 years, the people had continued to fight against the Ammart regime and they are willing to die for it due to the deep and profound need to get rid of the Ammart’s gripped on the governing power in order rebuilds the democratic foundation of the country and as a result, 1,000 civilians were injured and more than 90 of them were killed by military weapons back in 2010.

At present, nothing is happening and everything is moving slowly in the parliament due to the interferences that was orchestrated by the Ammart and this immobilisation was aggravated by the fear and the need to stay in power of the People’s Power and the Pheu Thai Party. This led to the government inability to make decision and a clear sign of weaknesses in their administrative principles.

I believe that the most important thing at the moment is for the government to sign an agreement which extend the International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction and allow them to begin their investigation on the 2010 military crackdown of Red Shirt protestors.

I am convinced that as soon as the ICC agreement has been signed, everything will start to fall into places and it will encourage the democratic development in Thailand because:

1. Military coup d’état in the future will be next to impossible due to the involvement of the ICC.

2. It allows the amnesty bill to be categorized. According to the ICC principles, political prisoners who commit crime that associated with political conflict will be pardon but the party that caused deaths and imprisonments are excluded from the amnesty process as they are subjects to prosecution by the ICC.

3. It will lower the power of the independent organizations that was set up by the Ammart due to the monitoring of the ICC.

4. The culprits who ordered the killing of civilians will be put on trial at the ICC.

Dr. Weng Tojilakarn 19 September 2013 at 12:30pm

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  1. bernd weber

    Quote:” The coup of 2006 was staged by a group of Ammart (aristocrats) who wanted to take control of Thailand and transformed it into one of the biggest oligarchy country in the modern world.”

    This started with Sarit and found for the first time an end with the Constitution of 1997 as the “Amart”(ARISTOCRATS) saw that the new constitution declined of their power and influence, so they decided to start another coup

    Bring those who be responsible to the ICC is a good idea – but the backers will be really charged?

    – Hardly,
    – but some of the actors are in “retirement” and “enjoy their sunset”…….
    – and there is no one who could really play their part ( just as they had done in the past )
    …so there is hope that times are changing

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