UDD Press Conference on September 25th 2013

IMG_0475At the United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) weekly press conference on September 25th 2013, Mr. Thanawut Vichaidit, spokesperson of the UDD, maintained that the organization is still committed to its two-legged strategy of supporting the Pheu Party in the parliament and the Red Shirts movement on the street.

“The UDD will uphold its policy of support for elected government by mainlining that we will continue to walk side by side with the Pheu Thai party and its coalition government, therefore, if there is anybody who try to overthrow the government, they will have to think about the people’s resistant, especially from the Red Shirt supporters,” said the spokesperson.

Regarding the rubber protest in the South, Mr. Thanawut said, “Even though the size of the protest is small but the blockade continued and it is damaging the transportation route that is vital to the economy in the region. Despite the low number of protestors and a complete lack of direction and target, the demonstration continues because of the Democrat Party. They still believe that by creating unrests, they will be able to destabilize the government, and eventually overthrow them from power. But many do not see the downfall of the government because they still have the people’s support.”

“The government are working hard to provide its citizen with positive results and plans for the future through various proposals such as the 2 trillion baht loan for infrastructure projects but these attempts are being undermined by the opposition party in every step of the way. They are trying to hamper the working process of the government because they want to slow down the progress of the country. The Democrats do not care about the development or the future because they are only looking for an opportunity to create anarchy and exploiting coup d’état due to the fact that it is the only way for them to hang on to their prehistoric power,” Thanawut added.

Mrs. Tida Tavonseth, president of the UDD, warned the supporters about the “backward” thinking of some “ancient” group that still believe in coup d’état and violence. “There are on-going efforts to gather a conservative mass in order to overthrow the government by a primitive group that are committed to violence mean. They want to incite violence and confrontation while creating a condition that is fit for their own coup. They support protests and unrests all around the country including the forgotten mob in Suan Lum and the rubber farmers’ protest in the South,” Assoc. Prof. Tida said.

Apart from the “backward thinking problems,” according to Mrs. Tida, another issue that require attention from the government is the land dispute in the Mae Wong’s dam project.


“Last week there were environmentalists and protestors who came out to voiced their concern over the construction of the Mae Wong’s dam and I would like to say that there is nothing wrong with the demonstration, but I would like to remind them that the problems that we are currently experiencing as a country, including the falling price of crops, the displacement of people, and debts crisis, all of them, are products and consequences of the coup d’état. These collected problems were piled up and the solutions for it were delayed because elected governments in the past were unable to follow up on their projects and resolutions due to the country’s experienced in the endless series of coup d’états. In other words, these problems of land reform, falling price of crops, and displacement of people remain unfix in the past because of the political turmoil that was brought on by coups and the current government are unable to deal with these piled up problems in time.

“Environmentalists have to understand that we live in a society and we are not alone in it therefore there is a need to define and find a proper connection and relationship between the people, nature, and the country. We have to fix the problem as a whole not partially as evidenced in the falling price of rubber crisis. The farmers have to understand that the country can only provide a certain amount of compensation to sustain the rubber industry in order to minimize the negative effect on the country’s economy. We need to fix the problem together and the government job is to explain the situation and to be transparent about it in order to maintain peace while the people have to understand that nothing can be fixed in a state of anarchy,” said the president of the UDD.

“Besides trying to use the people’s problems to spur chaos the Ammart also determined to continue with its strategy of using independent organizations to discredit and destroy the government credibility thorough various allegations and lawsuits via the Administration and especially, the Constitutional Courts. But these attempts are carefully monitored by the people and they all are aware of what is going on and they should beware. The Ammart might have the power make certain changes but they cannot change the people’s will and determination to regain their legitimate governing power,” Mrs. Tida added.

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