Dr. Weng’s Revised Version of the Amnesty Bill

On 24 October 2013, Dr. Weng Tojilakarn, co-leader of the United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) and Pheu Thai party list MP, have attended a meeting of the House committee scrutinising the political amnesty bill to express his support for the original version of MP Worachi Hema’s bill which does not absolve protest leaders and the culprits behind the killing of civilians.

At the parliament building, Dr. Weng warned the House of committee that there is still a chance for them to put Samutprakarn MP Worachai Hema’s original bill back on the table before they falls further down the political cliff;

“If the oppositions are accusing that there were “Black Shirt” militants within the Red Shirts protestors while saying that a blanket amnesty bill will also pardoned terrorists; the best solution for the bill to pass without controversy is to exclude protest leaders and authorities who ordered the killing from the pardon list,” said Dr. Weng, “Amnesty will bring peace to the society only if murderers were brought to justice,” he added.

Dr. Weng also proposed the extension of the period that this amnesty bill would cover from 1 January 2005 to the implementation date because “the people, no matter which sides, are civilians of the same country. Protest leaders and the people who ordered the killing do not deserve amnesty because in 10-20 years from now, if this cycle were to continue, governments and soldiers in the future will be able to carry on this atrocity of killing unarmed citizens.”

The following is the proposed amendment of the amnesty bill by Dr. Weng Tojilakern that was released on his facebook page on 21 October 2013;

1. Amnesty should be for the people only because the people are “participants and supporters” not “organizers and leaders” of the protest. The people who should be punished by the law are “organizers and leaders” because these people can “foresee the consequences and the intended effect” of the protest. Therefore, the separation of the “people” from the “leaders” is not discrimination because of the purpose of this bill which is to bring peace to the society.

The Red Shirts protestors have the right to demonstration that is guarantee to them by the constitution and it was the responsibility of the organizers and leaders of the protest to maintain order but they have failed.

2. The government and authoritative figures should understand that if there are killing of unarm civilians on the streets they will be punished to the full extent of the law. They cannot be left unpunished or else in 20 years from now there will be another government that will continue this murderous cycle.

3. The extension of the period that the bill would cover from 1 January 2005 until the implementation date is proposed because it can be argue that political unrest has started since the beginning of 2005.

4. The proposal to extend the amnesty period is recommended because, during the process of implementation for the amnesty bill, there are many protests that should also be covered by the same act. This includes the “Frozen Mob”, “Rubber Farmers”, “V for Thailand, PEFOT etc. The law should not punish protestors; they should only punish the “people who have the command of the movement”.

5. I hope that the majority of the House committee understands and supports my revision of the bill because it can bring peace to the Thai society.

Dr. Weng Tojilakarn, 21 October 2013, at 15.40pm

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