UDD Statement on 26 November 2013


UDD Statement on 26 November 2013

1. The UDD is releasing this statement to call for an arrest warrant for Suthep Thaugsuban and other co-leaders who collaborated together in the storming of government grounds.

2. The attacked on government’s complex is premeditated. The organizers have arranged and call for a mass protest and have shown their true intention as an anti-democratic movement. The organizers have planned out their responsibilities and they are going to capture more government buildings in near future.

These actions is a violation of the Criminal Code in Article 116, 215, 216, 365 with 362 and can be consider as an OFFENCES AGAINST THE INTERNAL SECURITY OF THE KINGDOM which is in violation of Article 113 (2) of the same code. It is also an act of terror according to Article 135/1/2/3/4

3. The government should provide more protection on important governance’s buildings and civil servants should not support the treason’s act of the terror which disrupted their ability to do their sworn duty. Any official who was supporting the terrorists should be disciplined and investigated for criminal act.

4. The UDD would like to ask anybody who love democracy and do not want this country to be destroyed to join us in Rajamangala Stadium to condemn this act of treason by protest’s leaders who have illegitimately claimed that the people are on their side.

The UDD will continue to show our support for the current administrative and legislative branch that was elected by the people and we will protect the democratic system to the utmost of our ability.

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  1. Roy Anderson

    Whist supporting the democratically elected govt against the destroyers of democracy, I just hope the UDD tells YL that the whole system of Thai society has to change immediately. Corrupt judges MUST be replaced, The old order has to accept these changes that the people demand. A total revue of ALL govt institutions must take place. Freedom of speech must be enshrined in a constitution that is voted on including the scrapping of LM that distorts everything in Thailand.

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