Current Situation 3-4 December 2013


UDD Statement 3 December 2013

Thida Tavonseth, president of the UDD, believed the reason why the police decided to abandon their defense from the Metropolitan Police Head Quarter and Government House yesterday was because they do not want the tensions to escalate into violence.

“Suthep is living in fear of his treason charge and he is using the protestors and his demands as leverage to negotiate and keep the police at bay. He wanted violence but the police can foresee it and has decided to back down. The police wanted the protestors to be happy to ease the political tensions and it was part of their psychological strategy against the protestors,” said Thida.

“This government is from the people and they are not willing to use excessive force to murder civilians. Unlike Suthep and Abhisit, who do not care about other people’s blood on their hands as long as they can stays in power,” Thida added.

UDD president urged the government to maintain peace by resolving the current political turmoil through the apprehension of the wrongdoers and warned that the country will become a “failed state” if the police and the government ignored the Rule of Law.

Concerning the “symbolic victory,” that was announced by Suthep Thaugsuban, Thida simply questioned his next move and gave him some pointers.

“What are you going to do next Suthep after you occupied the Metro Police HQ and government house? From what I can see you have two choices. Either surrenders to the police and accepts your treason charge or hang yourself…I don’t think he will do any of that,” Thida siad.

Regarding for the call to dissolve the government and for the PM to resign while setting up a government that have nothing to do Pheu Thai party, Thida said, “this country is govern by a democratic system, you cannot bring 2-3 hundred thousand people out to over throw elected government that came from the votes of 15 million people”.

Dr Weng Tojilakarn concluded the press conference by saying, “We are waiting for Sutehp to be arrested either for treason or for the murder charges that he is facing on December 12 and we will release a statement every day until then to remind him”.

UDD Statement 4 December 2013

Thida explained that “the current uprising is an act of treason that was persuaded and led by backward conservative group which has Suthep Thaugsuban as the leader of the anti-government movement. The reason for this treachery is derived from the unwillingness to accept electoral power that came from the people’s choice. The extreme conservative group are ancient thinkers who simply cannot accept democratic governance”.

Regarding Suthep’s claimed of non-violence, Thida said, “civil disobedience in this world does not involve storming of government buildings and attacks which led to the death of civilians. They keep saying that they are “decent people” but their actions are more related to a political thug”.

Apart from questioning Suthep’s ability to understand the term civil disobedience Thida also questioned Suthep’s ability to interpret the Constitution. “Suthep’s citing of article 7 as legitimacy for the so called “people’s council” is impractical since it is unconstitutional and illegitimate because the elected government and the legislative branch still represent the people’s power.”

In concerning of violence that occurred during the anti-government protests, Jatuporn Prompan, co-leader of the UDD, urged the government to investigate the murders of Ramkhamhang student and Red Shirt supporters that were gunned down by an unknown group.

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