UDD Statement on 30 November 2013 & The Updated List of Injured Red Shirts

1. On 30th of November 2013, the co-leaders of The People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) have led groups of protestor to create disorder in the society in an attempt to install a new state power. During the course of this civil disruption, the protestors have acted in a complete disregard of the law of the country and the constitution of Thailand by storming and seized various governmental grounds including; Government House, Police Head Quarter, Metropolitan Police Bureau, and the Interior Minister etc. These actions of the protestors were meant to interrupt and destroy the governance power of this country and are amounted to an act of treason and terror. The effort to install a new government of their own under a new system while ignoring the voice of the majority and the democratic system are clear sign of treachery and whoever supported them can be consider as a traitor to this country. The supporters of the PDRC should ask themselves this question: Under what authority do the co-leaders have to seize down government institutions and install a new government of their own?

2. The caretaker government has the duty to suppress these acts of treason and return the county back to normalcy as soon as possible before this group of people can further destroys this country.

3. The United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) and the Red Shirts supporters will continue to show our support for the government of the people and the democratic system. We will fight against any attempt to return this country back under the autocratic system of the aristocrats (Am-mart’s Ruled System – อำมาตยาธิปไตย). The leaders of the PDRC are hiding under the guise of the so called “people’s revolution” but their real intention is to take away the power of the people that is represented by the government and in the parliament. These governance powers derived from the people’s choice through the votes of 40 million people but the PDRC are trying to take it away and give it to the hands of a few conservative elites such as the Democrat Party and the extreme traditionalist. If they succeed, this country will begin to move backward in the development of politic, economy, society and eventually destroyed the entire foundation of the nation.

4. The action which meant to harm the Red Shirts supporters in anyway is an attempt to instigate violence and civil confrontation by the co-leaders of the PDRC. The UDD would like to ask the people who acted under the leadership of Suthep Thaugsuban to stop what they are doing because we do not want any harm to come to the people through confrontation.

The following are the list of casualties and injured Red Shirts from the violence which occurred near Ramkhamhang University and Rajamangala Stadium from 30 November – 1 December 2013.

P.S. We do not have the complete list of injured person from both sides since we can only compile the information of our supporters who came to ask for our assistants.

Casualties from the violence (last name omitted for the respect of the victim’s families).

1. Taweesak P. (male) – 21 year old Ramkhamhang University’s student who was shot by a .45 bullet in the chest near Ramkhamhang soi 24 on 30 November. Autopsy result shown that the bullet was fire from a horizontal position, not from high angled trajectory that was claimed by some reports.

2. Thanasit W. (male) – 22 year old Army’s Private Red Shirt supporter who was shot by a .22 bullet in the head near exit number 8 of Rajamangala stadium on 30 November. Autopsy result found that the trajectory of the bullet came from a horizontal position.

3. Viroj K. (male) – 43 year old Red Shirts supporter who was shot in the chest near Zone N of Rajamangala stadium on 1 December. Result of trajectory and type of bullet was unclear.

4. Visanu P. (male) – 56 year old Red Shirts supporter who was shot in the chest near a cross over bridge in front Ramkhamhang University on 1 December. Autopsy result found that the bullet was fire from a horizontal position – the type of bullet was unclear.

5. Suradeth K. (male) – 19 year old volunteer guard for the anti-government protestors who was found dead inside the burnt bus on 1 December – autopsy shown that he died from the fire – no clear indication why he was on the bus before it was burnt down. He was not a Ramkhamhang student and never took part in any Red Shirts rally.

Injured Red Shirts

1. Nipon Thephakhan (male) – 9 stitches on the head and 1 on his right arm – He was attacked on 1 December by four unidentified male who were armed with blunt objects.

2. Uthai Srijanwong (male) – He was attacked on 30 November around 20:00 pm by a group of students (identify by their uniforms) who began to hit him with PVC pipes in the head, back, and his right arm. The incident took place in front of Ramkhamhang University.

3. Jirasak Wongtangon (male) – 10 stitches in the head – He was attacked on 30 November around 21:00pm by an unidentified male who took a machete to his head near exit number 5 of Rajamangala Stadium.

4. Sompong Pichaiyun (male) – fractured leg and gashes on his face – He was found unconscious in front of 7-11 in Ramkhamhang soi 24 on 30 November at 22:00 pm.

5. Jarun Gingkeaw (male) – 30 stitches on his neck and almost lost his right arm through the knifes injury – He was attacked by two man on a bike who ride passed and slashed him from behind on 30 November at 22:00 pm near Lumsalee intersection.

6. Thanawat Muanphothong (45 year old male) – Beaten up by unidentified teenager on 30 November.

7. Parina Lar-on (18 year old female) – dislocated shoulder from a fight on 30 November.

8. Khuan Junwongsa (17 year old male) – head injury from a fight in front of Ramkhamhang University on 30 November.

9. Surasak Oakpong (17 year old male) – gun shot injury in the upper region of his right arm – the incident happened at exit number 4 of Rajamangala Stadium on 30 November.

10. Thanapol Kongbumrong (male) – gashes and cut on his arms and the sides of his torso – He was attacked while sitting in the back of an open pickup truck. He raised his arms to protect his head which explained the nature of his injuries.

11. Rongroj Natewong (34 year old male) – broken soft bone on his face – the injury was cause by a sizable rock that was thrown at him while walking on Rama 9 road.

12. Pongphet Saekhol – (64 year old male) – head injuries that occurred from an attack on 30 November.

13. Umnuey Narkglaisorn (male) – injury on his arms – the attack happened at the same time when he was walking with Pongphet Saekhol on 30 November.

14. Somsak Suthipoh – (72 year old male) – fragment from ping pong bomb penetrated his hand on 30 November.

15. Jeerapong Klongchatripong (25 year old male) – gun shot injury on the upper region of his right leg – the incident happened on 30 November.

16. Chatchai Khamprasong (23 year old male) – gun shot injury on his right arm – 30 November.

17. Sanae Jungurd (33 year old male) – gun shot injury on his right arm – 30 November.

18. Boon (last name unclear) – (30 year old male) – 2 gunshot wounds on his back – 30 November.

19. Utthapol Hormbuppha – (19 year old male) – 2 gunshot wounds in the upper region of his left leg – 30 November.

20. Seksan Chamnankeaw – (38 year old male) – broken nose, bruised eyes and clouted blood on his right eye – the incident happened on 30 November when about 10 unidentified male starting to beat him up with wooden stick and bottles as he was leaving a taxi in front of Ramkhamhang soi 53.

Seksan Chamnankeaw

Seksan Chamnankeaw

21. Somyot Wongjanlar – (43 year old male) – taxi driver who was dragged from his car and force to take out all his cloth before a group of people began to beaten him up with various blunt objects for another 30 minutes. The incident took place in front of Ramkhamhang soi 24 on 1 December at 3.00 am.

Somyot Wongjanlar

Somyot Wongjanlar

22. Monthean Sonnoi – (46 year old male) – he was found unconscious after group of teenagers who were adorn with whistles dragged him down from a bus and beaten him up ruthlessly on 30 November at 20:00 pm.

Monthean Sonnoi

Monthean Sonnoi

23. Narongsak Phraiaram – (30 year old male) – bruised and cut on his left shoulder and both of his arms and hands after he was attack by a group of teenagers on 1 December at 6.00 am.

24. Nara Kongsuk – (37 year old male) – broken ribs, broken wrists, and 20 stitches on his head – he was beaten up by a group of teenagers who were armed with various weapons in front of Ramkhamhang soi 24 on 1 December at 5.00 am.

Nara Kongsuk

Nara Kongsuk

25. Kittisak Srisunthorn – (36 year old male) – gunshot wound on his left arm – he was shot in front of 7-11 in Ramkhamhang soi 24 on 30 November at 2:30 am.

Kittisak Srisunthorn

Kittisak Srisunthorn


26. Sanun Limsrikeaw – (45 year old male) – broken arms and bruises all over his body – he was chased by a group of teenagers from Ramkhamhang soi 24 into nearby market before they beaten him up blunt metal and a golf stick.

Sanun Limsrikeaw

Sanun Limsrikeaw

27. Somjit Sodakul – (39 year old male) – multiple cuts from knifes attack which required many stiches all over his body – he was attacked near Ramkhamhang soi 24 on 30 November at 20.00 pm.

28. Nittaya Boonpluke – (54 year old female) – bruised face and clouted blood on her right eye – She was attacked by a group of teenagers who thrown a bottle right in her face on 30 November at 15.30 pm.

Nittaya Boonpluke

Nittaya Boonpluke

29. Uthai Khwanpho – (45 year old male) – 5 stitches on the head – He was injured by a brick that was thrown at him on 30 November at 20.00 pm.

30. Sunya Wilawaan – (70 year old male) – broken left leg – He was chased by group of teenagers while riding his motor bike near Rajamangala Stadium which led to the accident that broke his leg on 30 November at 11.00 am.

Sunya Wilawaan

Sunya Wilawaan

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  3. rob holmes

    I have lived in Thailand for ten years.I have no political affiliations as I am a guest in this country.however I have watched with dismay the constant attempts,often successful,to bring down successive governments aligned to those who support taksin.

    The truth is that suthep and his anti democratic backers will not stop until they are certain that the people of the north and north east have their votes diluted.this is another power grab and unfortunately if you want to keep all the gains made for rural Thailand, you cannot sit back and let it happen.

    These attacks by suthep and the dinosaurs supporting him have to be stopped otherwise there will be civil war

  4. Michael Lewis

    Force all red shirts to get a job and work for their living. Get educated and you will see that Taksin is there to enrich himself at your expense. He is stealing your future, the future of your children and even worse he is damaging the heart and sole of a once proud United Thailand.

    Taksin created this dictatorship by bribing the uneducated masses in the Thai countryside to vote for him. Votes have always been bought in Thai elections but Taksin used the extortionate profits he made from his AIS mobile phone company (a 15 years long government awarded sole Thailand concession of mobile phone service in Thailand). Taksin bought with hard cash politicians from major and minor opposition parties to form his own political party. These corrupt party deserters who care more about the money in their pockets than they ever cared for the Thai masses saw 1000 dollar notes flashing in their eyes and jumped at the opportunity to sleep with Taksin in his gold plated nest knowing that his cunning scheme to con and lure the uneducated Thai into voting for his party. Once in power he ran the country as a dictator and state corruption boomed feed his new political followers. The uneducated masses were fed with brainwashing money sweets financed from the countries dwindling national reserves. The politicians enriched themselves and and their friends got fat at the expense of the Thai economy and business sectors. The government was was not running the country, it was running its own self established fan club and this club was and still is being financed by the Thai tax payers. The vast majority of the uneducated masses do not pay any taxes, the are poor because they are work shy, lazy. They prefer to work for only eight weeks of the year planting rice and cassava and another six weeks of the year harvesting rice and cassava. Lazy is their middle name and that is why they are poor.

    The Taksin con is not sustainable, the country is adrift in the doldrums whilst government corruption steals 40% of the countries economy development projects. The uneducated masses get their regular rations of sweets but they will never see a bright future because the required government investment in business, job creation and training is going into corrupt pockets.

    There is a lot more to be exposed about the evils of the Taksin regime and how his scheming has polarized a previously united population. Thinks back to the Thai spirit during the boom years of 1985 through to 1995, We need a new leader comparable to the leader in those days. Throw out the useless politicians, the incompetent politicians, the corrupt politicians, the downright criminal politicians, and sack and replace the corrupt government employyes and their bosses who are siphoning off 40% of the money allocated to the provincial town halls for rural development and maintenance projects.

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