UDD Statement Against Violence and Coup d’état

The United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) would like to condemn all form of violence that was and are being use to pursue various political means in the past few months and declare that the UDD will continue to avoid confrontation and promote non-violence as our modus operandi for all of our activities.

The used of hate speeches to promote violence and hatred needs to be stop and the division of people base on their political ideas has to be eradicated. We all live in one society and we all love our country. Ideas can be share through simple act such as listening. Pluralism is needed for a democratic development and there is no way to move forward and there is no way reach it by one side of the society only.

The UDD would also like to pass our sincere condolences to the victim’s family and other injuries that was cause by of the hideous act of terror in Banthat Thong Road and at Victory Monument.

The UDD has no desire to see anyone get hurt and there should be no more blood on the streets because of political violence ever again.

The following is an update on one of the organization’s main objective which is to prevent and resist all forms of coup d’état.


UDD priorities if there is a possibility of a coup d’état

1. Spread out the information of all the negative consequences that will happened to the country’s politic, economy and society once it fall under the control of the coup makers.

2. Set up conferences, meetings and release statements to show the organization’s will to fight against coup d’état.

3. Promote activities that show the organization’s readiness to resist any form of coup.

4. Expose and condemn past coup though deferent types of media and means.

5. March through the streets and use various media such as radio, television, and social network as means to spread out the evilness of coup d’état.

UDD priorities during coup d’état

1. UDD supporters and everyone should wear white shirt, fly white balloons and tide white ribbons on their cars while setting up daily activities such as lighting up candles and other peaceful demonstration as a symbol to promote peace and non-violence mean.

2. When there is a demonstration of peace, try to avoid the loss of lives by dispersing as soon as there is a sign of violence from the authority – no need to set up stages during this time of crisis.

3. Use non-violence mean to block the path of any military’s vehicles that are trying to seize the capital if possible.

4. Do not create more tension with the military but simply explain to them that what they are doing is not helping the people and this country.

5. Decorate your house and other location with various symbols of peace to show your support for the cause.

6. If there is a crackdown on one of the demonstration site – record it and spread it as soon as possible through social networks and other form of media.

7. Operate in close relation with the press, leading figure and other organizations to promote and create activities to show that the society is against coup at the highest level.

Thida Tavonseth : President of the UDD

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