UDD Nationwide Rallies to be held on January 31, 2014

Samut Prakarn : 13-11-13

Samut Prakarn : 13-11-13

The United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) will will hold mass demonstrations in several provinces to show support for the upcoming election and urged the caretaker government to push for the balloting on February 2, 2014.

The rallies will be stage on January 31, 2014 and Thida Tavonseth, president of the UDD, has urged Red Shirts to come out en mass to show their support for the election, their rejection of coup d’état, and to prove that Suthep’s “mass of people” are not the majority of this country.

UDD supporters are encouraged to join the Red Shirts rally in their province which will be set up by UDD provincial coordinators. The countrywide rallies will exclude the capital and its surrounding areas which are under the restriction of the emergency decree. Supporters are also encouraged to wear any colour they want.

“The Red Shirts will not let this country fall back under the control of the few. The way out for this country is through election and it must happen no matter what because voting is an expression which shows that the country is governs by a democratic system,” said Thida.

Commenting on the Office of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)’s statement against the imposed State of Emergency (SOE) Dr Weng Tojilakarn, co-leader of the UDD, said at the press conference last week that he was “disgust” by the NHRC’s remark since they never mention anything when the emergency decree was imposed and live bullet were being used on the Red Shirt protestors back in 2010.

“Where were the NHRC when the Democrat’s government imposed the emergency decree on the Red Shirts despite no sign of violence? The state of emergency in 2010 was imposed after the Red Shirts entered the parliament house but how many times has the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDC) invaded government complexes in the past months? This also doesn’t count the numerous times that their supporters have disrupted the electoral process along with the series of bombing in Bangkok which have threatened the stability of this country,” said Dr Weng.

“If the government did not issue the SOE based on the current situation then what else would you suggest them to do?” Dr Weng asked the NHRC.

Dr Weng also rejected the Constitutional Court’s decision to allow the postponement of the election since he believe that it was unconstitutional to even consider the petition from the Office of the Election Commission (ECT) at the first place.

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