UDD Obligations for the Upcoming Election on February 2, 2014.


In a statement on February 1, 2014, Thida Tavonseth, president of the United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) urged Red Shirts and its members to avoid confrontation with PDRC and NSPRT protestors when going to vote tomorrow.

On the eve of the upcoming election, the UDD president has laid down three recommendations that the Red Shirts and its members should practice when going to vote in Bangkok and other potentially hostile provinces on February 2, 2013.

1. UDD supporters should prepare personnel to substitute as volunteer in order to fill in the void positions which have been left available by the Election Commission’s staff who quit their post prior to the election.

Anyone who is eligible for vote and is registered within any given polling station can apply as a poll station commissioner after giving the poll station director these following documents:

• Election Right Notification which identified the person as eligible for vote at that polling station
• Citizenship Identification Card and its photocopies

2. Red Shirts and UDD members should observe and gather evidence concerning the obstruction of the election and other irregularity on the election day. The best way to gather evidence is to use your phone camera to take picture and distribute the evidence through social network as soon as possible.

3. Protecting the electoral process and the equipment use for the election are duties of the authority. Red Shirts and UDD members should avoid confrontation with the opposition and should avoid gathering in group in order to protect polling booth. The duty of civilians and the Red Shirts is to show support for the democratic process by going to vote peacefully. Supporters are also encouraged to wear any color they want to lessen the possibility of being single out by potentially hostile protestors.

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