UDD Proposals and Objectives from the Sounding of the Battle Drum Congress in Korat


CORRECTION : 26/02/14 12:45

The following are the collective proposals of the United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) which have been proposed by all ranks of the organization’s leaderships as objectives and respond against threats that are being post by antidemocratic groups and led by Suthep’s People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).

Theses proposals and objectives have not been approved by the core-members and a committee will be set up to analysis these suggestions and formalized it according to the current situation and our Modus operandi which concentrate on nonviolence approach.

10,000 UDD co-leaders, coordinators, and supporters met on February 23, 2014, in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) to discuss on the immediate objectives and plans of the organization during the current political conflict. Each provincial leaders have compiled suggestions from supporters in their province and was allow to present it on stage to the supporters that came from other provinces.

There are 11 propositions for the Phue Thai led caretaker government and the caretaker PM to consider:

1891294_773737612655107_241436183_n 1. Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra who is elected by the majority of the people should not resign under any condition that was suggested by the PDRC

2. The caretaker government should provide payment for farmers under the rice pledging scheme as soon as possible

3. The immediate arrests of all PDRC co-leaders

4. The caretaker PM should not acknowledge the charge against her by the Office of the National Counter Corruption Commission because it was a double standard practiced

5. If there is other unfair charge in the future the PM should show sign of civil disobedience by not acknowledging it

6. The caretaker government should acknowledge the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court

7. The police should be allow to armed themselves for the protection of the law and themselves because it is proven that there are armed militant amongst PDRC protestors

8. Reformation of the Pheu Thai Party

9. Allow the recruiting of volunteers to help with police works

10. The government should consider if necessary, to move their operation base to the North and the Northeast during the time of crisis

11. If worst case scenario, government should continue to exile in the North and Northeast

Apart from the proposals to the caretaker government, there are 15 objectives that UDD supporters have proposed:

1. The Red Shirts can gather freely because the right to assembly is protected by the decision of the civil court which allow the PDRC to continue on with their protest

2. Each province should assemble around one hundred volunteers be to be train on security issues and how to protect large crowd

3. Get in contact and maintain connection with other democratic groups

4. Expose list of individuals and organizations that are against democracy in order to attack them through social media and economically (boycott of product)

5. Families of soldier and police should understand the need to fight for democracy

6. Set up a network of families of soldier and police in your own area

7. Set up rally and gathering in metropolitan regions of Bangkok to pressure PDRC from protesting freely

8. Set up social network and train “cyber soldier” to spread the news of the UDD

9. In critical circumstance, UDD supporters should enter Bangkok and begin the shutdown process of all independent organizations

10. Set up shadow institutions, such shadow Constitutional Court and shadow human right commission to work alongside the existing institutions of tyrant and provide counter response to every agenda

11. Set up a committee to promote social and cultural events

12. Raise awareness against all forms of coup d’état

13. Set up a unit to keep an eye on soldier’s activities around their camps

14. Find a safe house for Red Shirts supporters during a retreat

15. Prepare all other necessities which are in accord to the given circumstance

nattawut+saikua“We do not wan to see any lost of life in this fight for democracy. These proposals and objectives will be revised by the UDD central committee and core members. However, this is what I promise to the Red Shirts. We will bring Suthep to jail. We will not kick him out of the country, we will not take away his wealth, we just want to live in a country that is govern and rule by a democratic system,” said Nattawut Saikua, co-leader of the UDD.

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