Declaration against Separation of State by the UDD-Red in the Land

Bangkok, March 5,2014.

According to the news that Red Shirts in the North and the North East wanted to secede from the country and that the Third Army had filed a complaint against Mr. Pechrawat and the PPS Lanna group, the Third Army unilaterally interpreted that SPP meant “Socialist People’s Republic”. The Third Army drew their own conclusions that the group wanted to change the regime in Thailand from a democratic system under the Constitutional Monarchy to one of a Socialist Republic.

This is contrary to reality. In fact, PPS actually means “Assembly for the Defense of Democracy in Lanna” which refers to the group of people who are defending a Democratic System in the North (Lanna). This group also supports the democratic system with the election of Members of Parliament. The fact is that the PDRC purposely slandered the UDD and the Red Shirts.

UDD-Red in the Land would like to make the following statement:

1) UDD-Red in the Land’s policy is clearly stated in Point 1 of our policy that our political aim is democracy with a constitutional monarchy in which the sovereign power lies entirely with the people of Thailand. According to Point 3, the UDD insists on continuing to fight by using peaceful means.

We stand firmly behind the above pol;icy.

2) There may be some people who might feel bitter about what the independent bodies, the army and the oligarchy had done. There might have been snide remarks but it does not mean there was actually “the setting up of an independent movement for secession from Thailand”.

3) As a political organization of the people, the UDD must not do anything that would go against the interests of the majority of the Thai people at all. The majority of the Thai people would not agree with such a secession.

The UDD-Red in the Land is an organization which belongs to the people and therefore, cannot adhere to such a policy.

4) The use of weapons and other violent would also not be tolerated by the UDD nor the Thai people.

End of the end of declaration.

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