Red Shirts Rally in Pattaya – 22/03/14


50,000 Red Shirts have joined the United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) rally to support democracy in Pattaya on March 22, 2014.

The rally was staged at Khao Talo, South Pattaya, in Chonburi province where all prominent members of the organization, including the origination new chairman, Jatuporn Promphan, UDD secretary general, Nattuwut Saikua and ex-chairwomen Thida Tawonseth.

Most of the supporters that have attended the rally on Saturday are Red Shirts from the surrounding provinces of Chonuri, Bangkok and many other central provinces. Students from various universities also joined the rally in protest of independent organization’s actions and to raise awareness of democratic values.


Addressing crowd at the rally, Jatuporn urged UDD supporters to wear black for seven days, starting from March 23 – 29, as a symbol against the injustice done by the independent organization. The new chairman also announced the date for the next big rally to be on April 5. The detail of the rally and the venue will be announced shortly.

“The UDD doors are opened for all democratic loving people who wanted to fight against the Ammart-Regime,” said Jatuporn, “the Ammart thought that they have destroyed the Red Shirts since the creak down on 2010 but they have not finished the job and now it’s the Red Shirts chance to return the favour,” Jutaporn added.


The Red Shirts are against the decision of the Constitutional Court which nullified the previous general election on February 2, 2014. The Red Shirts believe that the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) has intentionally neglected their job which led to nullification of the election because they are part of the Ammart Regime along with the Democrat Party who boycotted the election and the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) who attacked and interrupted the election process.

“If the Democrat Party decided to boycott the next election, I will not register, I will not go to vote, and I will personally lead the Red Shirts assault against the Ammart- Regime, “said Jatuporn, “however, if the next election went by smoothly, the new government should make the reformation of the independent organizations as their first priority,” Jatuporn added.


Thida Tavonseth provided four explanations why the organization does not accept the constitutional court’s decision:

1. The Constitutional Court’s decision to accept the petition of the Office of the Ombudsman is against article 245 (1) of the constitution since the decree which was proposed by the government is in accord with the constitution.

2. The general election date was set on February 2 but the dates for the acceptance of votes can be varies because it depend on the situation at the given time such as advance voting, voting from abroad and voting in places where they are obstacles such as natural disasters and riots.

3. The Constitutional Court’s decision was distorted and it is not in accord with the rule of law which allowed people who intentionally obstructed the election process such as PDRC to blatantly announce their decision to bring down the elected government. The Ammart have taken the voices of 20 million people away in order to hold to their illegitimate power.

4. The ruling of the constitutional court decision is against article 68 of the constitution because it allows certain group to sabotage elections and shows that the ECT and the constitutional court are against the democratic system.


“The court’s decision was the last straw which has broken the heart of the people. How come we cannot vote like any other democratic countries in this world?” asked Nattawut.

“Suthep will never win because he cannot win the people’s hearts and if they cannot win the heart of the people they cannot be in control of the country and their decision to interrupt the election process is an attempt to destroy the Kingdom’s democratic system in order to hold on to the Ammart’s power,” Nattawut concluded.

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