UDD rally at Aksa Road, April 5-7th, 2014


At the beginning of this month, the United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) has staged a rally as a preparation to show support for democracy on April 5-7th, 2014 at Aksa Road, Thawi Wattana district, Bangkok.

Around 200,000 Red Shirts demonstrators have participated at the rally and the organization is overwhelmed by the supports that were shown by our brothers and sisters of the Red Shirts.

Thida Thavonseth, co-leader of the UDD said she is pleased with the turnout of the supporters and believe that the organization has learned many things that can be used to improve the next UDD gathering such as, medical care, sanitation, transportation, and the availability of foods and waters.

“Various operations during this rally have been analyzed by the organizers and we aimed to improve its functions for the future mass gathering that is expected to be rough and prolong,” said Thida.


Thida explained that she is filled with gratitude that the Red Shirts were able to show their political stands and its principles while avoiding violence and confrontation with the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).

“We have shown our present in Bangkok even though many sides were against it and this is what we want to demonstrate. We have shown that we are peaceful and can be responsible for the safety of our supporters,” said Thida, “we have matured,” she added.

Thida said the organization’s rally at Rajamangala Stadium and Aksa road this year have shown the world that UDD rallies are base on non-violence principle as oppose to other group that aim to overthrow the country’s democratic system by any mean necessary.

“We believed that our next rally will add on our success in Aksa,” Thida concluded.






Please find more photo at our twitter page : @UDD_English

Links to co-leaders speeches and the rally at Aksa road :

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