Thida Thavornseth Discusses the Recent Rally Held on 5-7 of April

We are happy with the recent rally on 5-7 of April at Aksa Road (at Puttamonton intersection). We were very satisfied with the level of success achieved regarding the quantitative and qualitative goals of citizens who gathered en mass on those three days. However, we still need to improve more in terms of coordination and in providing all the necessary types of facilities for the large number of people on-hand.

UDD aksa 1

In terms of facilitating safety, there are volunteer guards from many provinces that come to join the many thousands of people. This is something that will help provide more care for safety and will greatly improve various other services for the people attending the rallies. All these things we must improve, including our role as core regional leaders and our allied roles on stage at rallies. We also need to improve the quality of shows and on-stage speeches. All of these improvements won’t be easy because the organizational attributes, traditional practices, historical struggles of our group, along with the large number of leaders and differing ideologies among members within the UDD. Some have created various different new organizations. Therefore, UDD must use the collective type of leadership as a way to drive the rallies.

UDD aksa 2

First aid and ambulatory facilities, restroom facilities, traffic and transportation systems, and a food services system will all be evaluated and subsequently improved so that all these systems can operate sufficiently. These improvements are all being done in an effort to prepare solutions in future rallies, which will likely be serious and will last for an extended period of time.

UDD aksa rd 3

The author feels really pleased that we are capable of joining together and expressing our political goals, political commitment, and our viewpoint as a group. Our principles are to fight by acting with dignity. We wish to have an aggressive manner of fighting politically, but without the use of violence and avoiding any conflicts or confrontation with the PDRC (People’s Democratic Reform Committee). Basically, despite disagreement from various political groups, we decided to “step in” and show ourselves in Bangkok (to show that we haven’t gone away). We feel this is what members of the Red shirts want at the current time. Meanwhile, we must continue to be responsible for the safety and security of everyone involved. We want to reiterate that we must not give up or surrender, nor can we afford to fall into the trap of engaging ourselves in naïve types of risky behavior. We’ve accomplished this to a certain level thus far. However, we must be very careful and must do better; because the larger fight awaits us in the future.

UDD aksa rd 4

From our large rallies at Rajamangala Stadium and more recently at Aksa Road (at Puttamonton intersection), we are now showing the world that we are really not violent. UDD is not the group using violence at all. We are the complete opposite of the other group. Our opposition group, which wants to topple the current government and destroy democracy, are acting as political thugs; and have openly and clearly been using weapons and violence whilst repeatedly bashing the UDD with daily insults and unwarranted vilification of our group.

We believe there will be larger rallies to occur in the near future. These rallies will supplement our current success, and will make our rallies greater in size than ever before!!!

Thida Thavornseth
8 April 2014

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