Co-leaders urged Red Shirsts to ignore PDRC provocation


Jatuporn Prompan Chairman of the United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) said at the press conference yesterday that the current situation is edging closer to a state of anarchy while the latest movement of Suthep Thaugsuban’s PDRC is meant to pave way for an undemocratic regime to take control of the country.

The closing down of free TV stations (3,5,7,9,11) while threatening them to air PDRC press conference every time they have one is nothing less than an act of terrorism he said. The chairman of the UDD said Suthep’s actions have led him to a dead-end and it is time for UDD supporters to show this traitor that the Red Shirts will continue fight for the protection of the democratic system.

“May 10th 2014 is the day that we will get rid of this traitor. The UDD urged all Red Shirts from every sectors to be ready and remain disciplined because from May 10 onward, our target is to win and only teamwork can get us there,” said Jatuporn.


Nattawut Saikua, secretary general of the UDD said the present situation is as expected by the organization since the UDD knows that the PDRC will try every provocation methods and violence to pave way for a military coup d’état. He urged the Red Shirts not to falls into the PDRC’s trap and stay clear from confrontation with Suthep’s mobs because there is no need to help them play their game.

“The latest movement of Suthep’s mobs should remind the majority of the country about the Constitutional Court’s decision which ruled that PDRC’s protests is peaceful and coincides with the law,” the secretary general of the UDD said humorously.


Thida Tavonseth, director of the UDD advisory board, said the UDD “Red Throughout the Land” will never accept an unelected Prime Minister. The act of violence which is along the line with anarchism is Suthep’s last card while the harassment of press freedom is intolerable since no country in this world would tolerate such actions.

“Their actions is obvious, they want to create a condition that is fit for a military coup d’état,” she said.

“I urged brothers and sisters of the Red Shirts to have self-controlled because it is one of the most important factor that govern our struggle. Non-violence is our modus operandi and it is the right way to deals with things. All factions of the Red Shirts should avoid violence since it will lead to a military coup and it is something that we do not want. We must have unity,” said Thida.

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