The UDD Press Conference against Appoint PM on May 17


Jatuporn said Suthep’s is showing signs of a desperate person while calling for a nationwide rally against the installation of an unelected Prime Minister.

“Suthep looked like he was having a mentally breakdown during his latest speech, his eyes were full of paranoia”, said Jatuporn Prompan, chairman of the United front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD).

Suthep Thaugsuban, secretary general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) said last week that since the Senate cannot come up with the names for an appoint PM, the PDRC will come up with it themselves and yesterday he pressures the 24 remaining ministers to resign by May 26. He also said that if the people do not come out in the number of over one million to support his campaign, he would stop the fight on May 27.


PDRC wanted all members of cabinet to resign in order to create a political vacuum and pave way for either an illegitimate government that came via an appointment of the Ammart or a military coup d’état.

Naturally, Suthep undemocratic actions has prompted a response from the UDD’s chairman but despite being wary of the movement from Suthep’s PDRC, Jatuporn has also warned against the movements from a group of appoint Senators and the army chief who are eager for the idea of a so-called “neutral Prime Minister” as much as the PDRC.

Jatuporn believes that Army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha is one of PDRC’s candidates for their potential appoint PM and he questioned the army chief ability to run the country if he was put in charge via undemocratic means.


“I am responsible for what I says about neutral Prime Minister but if General Prayuth accepted the position as neutral PM, can General Prayuth be responsible for Thailand?,” he asked.

As a response to the elite’s attempt to install an unelected PM, the chairman of the UDD has called for a nationwide rally from May 20 – 27 and the Red Shirts supporters will gather en mass from May 23 – 27 to prepare for Suthep’s final attempt to bring down the democratic system.

“This is Suthep’s last breath and we cannot be negligent since we have to be vigilant now more than ever,” said Jatuporn, “our stance is clear, we will never accept an outsider Prime Minister who did not come from a democratic system,” he added.

Tida Tavonseth, director of the UDD advisory board, said Suthep’s announcement for his supporters to hound the 24 remaining ministers wherever they go to demand them to resign is an attempt to provoke a response from the Red Shirts. She said the secretary general of the PDRC wanted confrontation between his supporters and the UDD supporters but the organization is wary of his provocation.


“The Red Shirts will remain where we are in Aksa and will not try to defense the ministers since it is not our duty,” she said, “The UDD urged the police and the military to be mindful of the PDRC movement and please do their duty to protect the peace in the society,” she added.

“The call for state enterprises to sabotage the utilities system of the country to force the remaining ministers to resign will not succeed because what Suthep called for is self-destruction and it is destructive for the country,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Nattawut Saikua, secretary general of the UDD said Suthep’s is in a desperate position and his latest announcement that he will give himself in to the police if “the fight” is not won by May 26 is more reliable than before since he is cornered.

“This is a good chance for the people to force Sutep to hold on to his promise because the country will be able to continue normally under the democratic system if he kept to it. However, if Suthep was able to take control of the power, the political turmoil will be worsen since the Red Shirts will cross the Chao Phraya River to put an end to Sutep’s insurrection ourselves,” said Nattuwut.

On the matter that Suthep will dispatched his followers on Monday to various ministries or residences of remaining ministers to demand them to submit their resignations, Naatuwut asked how can anybody feel safe if that happened.

He urged the military to ignore Suthep’s announcement and asked the public to report on the whereabouts of the PDRC co-leaders who have an arrest warrant out for them in order to put an end to the PDRC’s mob rule.

LINK to YouTube video of the UDD Press Conference on May 17 –

For an announcement – The UDD will stage an annual commemoration event in memory of the 99 people who have died during the government’s crackdown on the Red Shirts protests in 2010. The events and a Buddhist ceremonial will be set up at Aksa (Thanon Utthayarn) on May 19 – may the fallen heroes of democracy remain at peace.

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