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Democracy Update 24.4.13

UntitledDuring the UDD’s weekly press conference last Wednesday, co-leaders discussed the role of the judiciary in the development of Thailand’s fragile democracy.

The ongoing attempts by the Pheu Thai government to reform the post-coup Constitution, in order to align it with modern democratic practices, have attracted condemnation from pro-coup forces. 

A group of Red Shirts are currently staging a protest outside of the Constitutional Court in response to its decision to consider a petition regarding the constitutionality of the constitutional amendments that have been proposed by the government. The group is arguing that by considering the petition, the Court is impeding the powers of the legislative branch. The UDD has also previously pointed out that the judiciary in Thailand has a biased agenda and hinders the democratic process.

Co-leader Tida said,

If the court ignores the power of the legislative branch, it ignores the power of the people. In a true democracy, all the power should be with the people.


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Progressives submit Open Letter to Thai Judges

The following is an open letter to all judges in Thailand signed by the Red Shirt group the 24th of June for Democracy, the progressive academic group Nitirat, and other activist groups. The letter calls on judges to critically examine the role of the judiciary in Thailand’s political conflict and the future of Thai democracy.

An open letter to judges in Thailand

March 17th 2013

Dear Sirs,

            In the aftermath of the undemocratic and illegitimate usurpation of power operated through the 19 September 2006 coup d’état, the Thai judiciary—be it the Constitutional Court, the Court of Justice or the Administrative Court—has faced significant and growing questions from the general public over its interpretation and application of law in a number of cases. Specifically, there has been a growing chorus of scepticism over whether or not the decisions of these judicial branches have been made in full conformity with democratic principles and in support of fundamental rights and freedoms—themselves the very basis of the rule of law. (more…)

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