The Fight for Truth in Thailand Continues – UDD Leaders

At the UDD’s weekly press conference on Friday, UDD leaders expressed their concerns for the ongoing suppression of truth in Thailand. As they mourned the sudden loss of Kittichai Kangkan, a Red Shirt supporter and a key witness in the Wat Pathum massacre of 2010, they also discussed tomorrow’s 36thanniversary of the Thammasat University massacre and the persistent failures of Thailand’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

Kittichai passed away on Monday, October 1st, at Siriraj Hospital due to sudden heart failure. According to family members, he was not known to have any previous cardiovascular issues. Although he had yet to testify in court, he had provided police with an eyewitness account of soldiers shooting at unarmed civilians inside the temple that had been declared a “safe zone.” His statement is still admissible in court and will surely help in proving that the military were responsible for the six murders that occurred at Wat Pathum on May 19th 2010.


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