Red Shirts Honour Lost Chapter of Thai History

14 October is generally a day of commemoration for the successful removal of the Thanom-Prapas dictatorship in 1973, however, this year Red Shirts gathered for a different reason. For the first time ever, a memorial service was dedicated to the soldiers that died defending democracy against the failed royalist rebellion of 1933.

UDD leader Tida said,

We are here to honour the soldiers who died protecting Thailand’s young democracy. Today, they serve as an example of an army that worked for the people and respected their rights.

On October 11th 1933, a year after the People’s Party revolution brought an end to the absolute monarchy in Thailand, the minor royal Prince Boworadet led a royalist faction of the army to overthrow the people’s government and reinstate the pre-revolutionary regime. Despite some initial success, the royalist rebels were defeated by armed forces loyal to the democratic government on October 14th, and the revolt died out shortly afterwards. This event, the first military victory of the new democratic regime against the old reactionary regime, has since been omitted from Thai history books because it contradicts the narrative that the amaat embraced and nurtured democratic growth after 1932.


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