Pictures suggest Thai Army’s covert infiltration of Red Shirts in 2010

At the weekly press conference yesterday, Friday 21st September, the UDD reaffirmed its opposition to the Truth for Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report, and exposed several factors that demonstrate that the report is biased and unreliable. Spokesperson Warawut Wichaidit, prominent UDD member Somwang Asrasi, and Chairwoman Tida Thavornseth each took turns punching holes in the TRC report’s findings and its supposed claims of impartiality.

In summary, Chairwoman Tida said:

Although there are a few positive elements in the TRC report, they are overshadowed by its many instances of lies and misinformation.

Most significantly, Chairwoman Tida showed pictures in which soldiers are seen in the army controlled areas wearing red and black shirts and carrying weapons. Such images raise serious questions about the report’s unsubstantiated conclusion that the “Black Shirts” were an armed element of the Red Shirt movement.

Furthermore, a video-clip shows Red Shirt protesters fending off armed “men in black” from the Hua Chiew hospital where General Major Khattiya Sawasdipol, also known as Seh Daeng, was being kept in critical condition after being shot in the head by a sniper. The “men in black” had come to remove Seh Daeng from the hospital grounds. This clip significantly undermines the theory that Seh Daeng was the effective leader of the “Black Shirts”.


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