Academic Panel Blasts TRCT Report

A fact-finding panel of academics spent nearly four hours dissecting the Truth for Reconciliation Commission of Thailand (TRCT) report on Sunday afternoon at Thammasat University. The panel, which included six professors from multiple universities, argued that the report lacks in raw data and fails to condemn the army’s disproportionate use of force in handling the protests of April-May 2010.

According to the panel, the TRCT report’s 300 pages are superficial and ignore the crucial question of whether the Committee for the Resolution of Emergency Situation (CRES) complied with international standards when it ordered 60,000 combat-ready soldiers onto the streets of Bangkok.

Instead, the TRCT tried to blame the violence on the supposed “men in black”, based on dubious evidence that would not hold in a court of law. In the report, the TRCT use such flimsy evidence to conveniently include the “men in black” in every scenario and situation where unarmed protesters are murdered or injured by the Royal Thai Army (RTA).


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