Yellow Shirts attack Red Shirts. UDD Leadership call for calm

Yellow Shirts vandalize pickup truck around noon, Tuesday

In Bangkok, Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts clashed in front of the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) offices on Phahon Yothin road after a violent mob of Yellow Shirts trashed the car of Red Shirt DJ Ko Tee around noon on Tuesday. The Yellow Shirts, who greatly out-numbered the Red Shirts for most of the day, threw water bottles and stones at the Red camp who attempted to defend themselves. Up to 600 police officers were deployed to control the situation and a Yellow Shirt protester was arrested for carrying a firearm. A Red Shirt protester suffered head injuries after being hit by a stone and was taken to hospital. Four other injuries were reported, including a news reporter.

As it becomes evermore apparent that the TRCT report delivers neither truth nor reconciliation, it is vital that the Red Shirts ignore provocations from the Yellow Shirts and their affiliates in the Democrat Party. (more…)

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