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Subject: Request the witness observing in the trial and inquisition for United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) or Red Shirts cases in Thai court

To the International Criminal Court:

                The people of Thailand need your help to prevent serious miscarriages of justice in the criminal courts of our nation. Soon, many of the Red Shirt leaders and activists will be tried for absurd “terrorism” charges stemming from the government’s assault on Red Shirt demonstrators in May of this year. Many innocent people, as many as 1900 injured and 90 killed, were victims of the government’s decision to stop the open criticism of government corruption and unfair policies with a murderous assault. The government has tried to justify this violence by making up stories about a secret, and as yet unidentified, group of violent activists whose behavior prompted the Thai soldiers to kill and wound 1900 unarmed people in “self defense” . The terrorism charges are a shameful attempt to diver international attention away from the inexcusable use of deadly force against lawful political protestors.

                The Red Shirt leaders and activists awaiting trial have not been allowed bail. They have been denied the most basic constitutional rights, and have been restricted in meaningful participation in their own defense preparations. The current Prime Minister, Mr. Abhisit, openly persecutes business leaders and other citizens who support the Red Shirt political movement. He is attempting th criminalize any financial support for the Red Shirt movement, and by so doing, minimize the resources available for an adequate defense during trial. There is no law in Thailand that prohibits support of political movements. There is no law that forbids donations to political parties or political candidates. Many millions of Thais are actively and openly involved in support of the Red Shirts. Millions of citizens agree with the Red Shirts’ determination to achieve the goals of honest election of government leaders and true democracy. Mr. Abhisit just wants to categorize all of his political opponents as criminals and terrorists.

                Further proof of the unreasonable double standards in our justice system may be easily observed in the government’s lack of attention to violent behavior by activists who happen to support Mr. Abhisit and his minions. The yellow Shirt activists who attacked with weapons and violence and held our international airport hostage for many days have not been prosecuted at all. Our judges and many prosecutors are either Abhisit appointees, or are fearful that they may lose their careers if their decisions do not favor the current power structure.

                And so, the majority of Thai people are fearful that the forthcoming trials of the Red Shirt leaders will be a great mockery of justice. There will be no fairness and honest attention to evidence during the trials. The judges are biased or afraid. Therefore, we are requesting that you send official observers to attend the trials, and that you publish honest assessments of the proceedings to the rest of the world. We believe that your presence, as international symbols of justice and fairness, will give the Red Shirt leaders an honest chance for fairness as they face the possibility of lengthy sentences and even the death penalty.

                Many Thai people believe that the wrong people are on trial, and that atrue investigation would turn the prosecution for criminal behavior in a different direction. Our goals have always been free election of government leaders, honest and equitable behavior by government, and fairness in the justice system. Please witness the trials of the Red Shirt leaders, and help to make sure that they are treated fairly. Your assistance in this matter will allow us to take a step in the direction of true democracy.

With genuine admiration,


UDD Chairlady

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