The Six Principles

The immediate policies of the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship, “Red Throughout The Land”:

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1. To attain true democracy with sovereignty truly in the hands of the people of Thailand with the King as the head of state.

2. To unify  grassroots masses as the main social and cultural force together with people from every sector who seek democracy and justice while resisting “aristocratic” forces that obstructs equitable and democratic national development.

3. To promote non-violence as our modus operandi for all activities.

4. To fight against poverty by tying economic policies on poverty reduction with political strategies which stresses that economic policies must be formulated directly by an elected government.

5. To reinstate the “Rule of Law” through ensuring equitable and transparent judicial process for all, along with putting an end to the “double standards” policies which currently under control by aristocratic interests and elite networks.

6. To revoke the 2007 Constitution along with its unjust laws that favor certain military and elite interest and to draw up a new democratic Constitution.

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  1. ‘ Here are the six principles of the Red Shirt movement:
    ‘ …
    ‘ 6. Revoke 2007 Constitution along with its unjust laws. Draw up a new democratic People’s Constitution. ‘

    Thaksin Signals Sister to Avert Political Crisis: Southeast Asia

    ‘ Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s ruling Pheu Thai party will probably drop plans to completely rewrite the constitution and amend it section-by-section instead to sidestep challenges that caused previous governments to fall, Thaksin said in an interview in Singapore yesterday.’ [yesterday = 24 September 2012]

    So … after his open break with the Red Shirt movement … it’s finally time to throw Thaksin under the bus, right?

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